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50% OFF ALL!
Messier 107 by MistressLegato
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Sailor Equinox - Flat colours by MistressLegato
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Poke'girl 405 - Luxray by MistressLegato
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This is experimental - I'd like to give drawing furry/anthro art to widen my fanbase. I'm going to try to keep doing art as a part time job because I'm having so much fun!

Lend me your babies for $15 for full-body and I will give it my best! If you are truly disappointed, I will try again for FREE.

*the examples here are the closest things to furry art I've done.


Swimsuit Contest Fan Fave FINAL Four! 

15 deviants said Water you waiting for? by snow-princess
10 deviants said Like A Man by Cionie
8 deviants said Swimsuit contest! by Mellvine
6 deviants said Redheads and Sunsets by nickyflamingo



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Swimsuit Contest! RESULTS!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 12:57 AM

Sorry for the lateness, my dears! I've been . . . meh. I also wanted to give everyone really thoughtful reviews! So here they are, in glorious detail! 

Scroll further for winners and prizes! I love you guys! Thanks SO much for entering!

:iconsnow-princess: Overall, this is definitely one of the most visually appealing and finished looking pieces. It doesn't look like something just thrown together for the sake of a contest. I can tell you really put a lot of heart and thought into it. I think everyone else can, judging from the polls, too!
The sheer size of the preview just shows your dedication to the tiny little details. In example, the adorable little medical cross pink on her adorable butt ruffles! Her hair is gorgeous and the swimsuit is something I would wear if I still had a figure like that!
(P.S. I’m also a sucker for body blushing and you carried that out flawlessly!)

:iconnickyflamingo: Always my girl! As you are one of my favourite artists I want to look at this objectively! Doing three figures in once piece is extremely challenging! Making them all look like they belong together is tough work – and you did an amazing job! You also managed to represent three different body types; as a female who appreciates lots of shapes and sizes, this is a real treat! You can see the personalities of all three ladies from their expressions, poses and swimsuit choices! You got down to the fine details like nail polish, barrettes, earrings and lipstick colour! Also, you went the extra mile and threw in a gorgeously blended together a really lovely background! Excellent work!

:iconcionie: GIRL, you got some ovaries on you to enter a man when you knew this would be full of hot, sexy babes in swimwear! And I LOVE it! Apparently, everyone else does, too! You integrate SO much character, and even got yourself fan-comics of Alex’s accidental swimsuit transformation! I have to say, he is looking QUITE fine! The little comic on the side and his reaction image are hilarious! The swimsuit, in its wonderful and skimpy glory doesn't lack detail! And there isn't much material to work with there! The colouring is ALSO amazing! I absolutely love this!

:iconfencergirl00: I know that you are a writer first and artist second, but you did a really great piece here! And even more than I expected, I got two swimsuited ladies for the price of one! I hope it was as fun for you to draw is it is for us to look at. The girls both have so much personality! Maeve and her boyish charm vs. Aine and her sexy bitchiness! Who would have thought they shared the same body?! You ALSO went out of your way and did a background. I’m just really proud of you for making this! It’s absolutely perfect!

:iconphimouse: Unf! Again, we are all treated to multiple babes in one pic! I like that you cropped the image so you could add a lot of detail into the swimsuits! Messier 40’s annoyed expression is absolutely charming! Too bad she can’t be charmed by my B13! It isn’t for lack of effort! This is another wonderful entry that is just so much fun to look at! Personalities really shine through! While the colouring lacks depth a bit, the piece doesn’t lack in detail. I really love it!


Callie: Now we all know that the dragon half of Calamity Cat does NOT override that cat half’s dread of the water! There is just so much to love about this piece! For one, her expression and pose are just TOO cute! Second, it has a really finished look! The background and the character appear to have had the same amount of effort put into them and I appreciate that! Third, Callie herself and that ADORABLE fish swimsuit is just . . . TOO cute! Like, it should be illegal to be soooo adorable!

Merlot: Apparently the effect of eating the souls of jerkwad dudebros is getting one bodacious body! 100% of this piece screams SEX APPEAL. I love seeing it in comparison with your other entry because if shows you can evoke many different feelings with your art. This piece feels like there was slightly less effort put into it, but it’s by no means sketchy, or scrap-worthy. I really love it! I look forward to drawing Merlot’s ATC!

:iconkenlybop: I like the simple design of the swimsuit. I also like the amount of detail in her hair! As a paperdoll, there isn’t much feeling going on here, though. I can’t tell if she is sad, or just sort of “meh,” in her expression. The colouring of her hair looks fabulous! I wish that her skin had turned out as well. It’s tough with coloured pencils, though! Overall, really nice work. She looks very pretty!

:iconkosmos-ver3:  Another piece with TWO bodacious beach babes! I was so excited to see this piece! The small details like their matching ring/bracelet combos are what make this piece stand out to me. I really like how the girls look like they’re just having a relaxing day at the beach. But they are also trying to look FABULOUS while doing it. I mean, who knows who they might meet?! They’ve gotta look their best! Beautiful work, honey!

:iconsailorx161: Thank you very much for entering! The concept is on its way, but overall, the piece feels very rushed. There is not attention to anatomy, even in the face. She has one square eye and one round eye. The colouring is very scratchy. I suggest trying to master shading and such with greyscale before moving on to colour. It’s a great help! There are a lot of sites out there with great anatomy resources – please check into it! It will help take your work to the next step!

:iconmellvine: I will try to write this with clean English so it will translate well! I am excited about your entry! You have a gorgeous style and your colouring technique is among my favourites! I love the sexy look in her face, I love the transition of colours in her hair, I love the shine on the innertube, I love the fabric of the swimsuit! The lips and eyes are so seductive! The highlights and shadows of the whole piece are perfect. I am just in love with this picture!

:iconunisamas: MY GOD, MA’AM! I know I said I like underboob, but DAMN! I love it! You didn’t half-ass your way through sexy! Just what I expect from Uni! The shape of her boobs are perfect. There is a bit of the rest of her anatomy that is off, but I have to applaud your for your attempt at such dynamic perspective! It’s extremely hard to pull off! The highlights in her hair are really lovely and I like the blushing on her underboobs, haha! Just can’t get enough of the underboooooob!


Haumea: The bust of haumea is really lovely! You’ve included so much of her personality into such a small piece! The rock and leaf border is absolutely lovely! I love the matching stones on her swimsuit! You did a great job balancing her warm personality and skintone with a cool coloured swimsuit. A really impressive piece!

ZanYi: Loving that body blushing! Your firebender is definitely heating things up on the beach with that bod and seductive over-shoulder glance! I applaud you for having a go at making her look wet! It’s a difficult effect to pull off and you did it without making it look like sludge! The background makes me really relaxed. It’s just right for a summer sunset . . . *yawn!* Beautiful piece, again!

:iconcallieway: I love that you have caught the mysterious Lead Owl trying out swimsuits in a mirror! It’s a very simple design and you put it together very nicely. I think that the red background is a little bit aggressive, but you made the attempt so I have to give you love! I think the swimsuit colour and shape you picked out it exactly something she would choose to wear! Especially with the flowy and transparent skirt around her waist. Thanks so much for entering, honey! It’s a great picture!

:iconrazzl3erry: First of all, you know that I LOVE Alvarie! And I am in love with her take on a mermaid in swimwear! The way she dresses is definitely in my taste! I like the difference in textures between the scales on the bottom of her suit and the flowy material on her wrists and ankles. The colours gradations are done really nicely! I’m a sucker for details, so all of those pearls keep me distracted and very pleased! I don’t think the piece needs the CG flowers and I do wish the background didn’t look quite so rushed, but I have to give you props for making a background! I’m usually too fuckin’ lazy! I love, love, love the hairpiece and her earrings and everything! She’s just SO damn cute!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RESULTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~

SO I had this whole points system . . . and I'm throwing it in the garbage. All of the pieces were so different, it felt wrong to judge them all with the same criteria. EVERYONE hit their Sexy/cute quota!

I'm having a REALLY hard time choosing a winner! BUT, I'm gonna go with my favourite pieces. Just remember, every entry gets an ATC, so NOBODY really loses!

1st Place:
I just . . . am in love with this piece! I just LOVE it! Congratulations! 

2nd place:
THREE figures - that's one hell of a task to take on! And you did it wonderfully!

3rd place TIED!
This piece HAD to place! Not just because Alex was the only boy, but the picture makes me smile EVERY time I see it! I adore it!
This is an absolutely gorgeous picture! Since you won Fan Favourite, I can see I'm not the only one who thinks so, too!

Fan Fave!


(all ATC's won are in addition to the one you got simply for entering! Example: first place actually gets 4 ATCs)

1st place
:iconmistresslegato: 1 full colour, full body commission from me, 3 ATCs - 2 of choice, 1 of your OC in a swimsuit designed by me.
:iconsailorpyoco: 1 animated Winking Heart style icon, 1 Custom Cuties icon
:iconunisamas: 1 ATC

2nd place
:iconmistresslegato: 1 1/2 body commission, 2 ATCs - 1 of choice, 1 of your OC in a swimsuit designed by me.
:iconsailorpyoco: 1 non-animated Winking Heart style icon

3rd place 
:iconmistresslegato: 1 bust commission, 2 ATCs - 1 of choice, 1 of your OC in a swimsuit designed by me.
:iconsailorpyoco: 1 head shot/ simple icon

Fan Favourite
:iconmistresslegato: 1 full colour, full body commission. 1 ATC of your OC in a swimsuit designed by me.

All other participants 
:iconmistresslegato: 1 ATC of your OC in a swimsuit designed by me.

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B13 50 by MistressLegato Lead Owl 50 by MistressLegato Chromium Lime 50 by MistressLegato Pl50 by MistressLegato Nws50 by MistressLegato Mer50 by MistressLegatoAries badge 50 by MistressLegato Sun50 by MistressLegato


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